FLDSW (Freelancer Discovery Watcher) was written to ease the life of each and every player of Freelancer Discovery RP 24/7 server. It is able to warn you when any player or faction member is online or coming to your territory; recently the base overwatching was implemented too. 
Don't forget to run the installer with admin privileges.


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  • Instant player list search and view
  • Player \ Tag search: notifies you when anyone from defined list came online; partial naming supported
  • System Guard: notifies you if someone specific (or anyone at all) visits system
  • Base Guard: notifies you if your base been attacked or anything happened with it
  • Filter Window: use many filters at once
  • Tag Database: Forgot any faction's tag? Just look up the DB!



Q: I found a bug! Or maybe i got an idea for you to implement! Where can I report it?

A: Here.


Q: I added a new tag to the DB, but my friend can't see it! Why?

A: You edited your local database; your friend must add a tag manually or copy your tags.xml. If you want to add a new tag to default DB - drop a mail here with subject "Add a faction", and write your tag, faction name, name of your head member and link to your website or page at forum. Someday an web form will come.


Q: Can I translate FLDSW to my language?

A: Sure! Message me.